Blogging for Success: Yaro Starak


Have you thought about trying to make money from a Blog? Was it easy? Did you set it up as a hobby or to make money? What were the challenges?

Heidi Armstrong talks with Yaro Starak on Business Success about how to make money from writing a blog.  Yaro Starak is an expert blogger who has managed the fine art of deriving an income from blogging and now helps others to do the same.

As part of the interview Yaro Starak shares his secrets including…

1. How you successfully choose the topic for your blog.

2. Creating the right content and format for your audience.

3. How you get traffic to your blog / website.

4. How you start making money from your blog.

5. The importance of constantly improving and optimising the process?

6. Being clever with you marketing – including having a headline that grabs attention.

Yaro Starak is also featured on 2gb’s The Entrepreneur Show with Heidi Armstrong and Steve Price

Here’s some of the questions we put to Yaro, which you can hear in the podcast interview

  • Yaro – you have had your blog entrepreneurs-journey for over 10 years which started as a hobby – so when did you start making money from your blog and could quit your day job?
  • For people thinking about setting up a blog with the view to this later becoming an income stream – what should they be thinking about very early on?
  • How do you know if a topic is a good one? What I find interesting and could talk about for days on end – might not be commercial? So how do I work that out?
  • Is content still king? Or is that really an outdated concept?
  • What type of content ranks best for a blog?
  • Don’t you run out of things to say?
  • How do you get traffic to your blog / website? What are some different ways people can be thinking about getting eyeballs onto their website?
  • Social media – how do you use this to increase your traffic?
  • Isn’t it a catch 22 – you have the have the followers on social media to be able to get exposure for your blog?
  • How do you start making money from your website? What are the different ways to do this?
  • How important is creating a database?
  • How do you constantly improve and optimise the process?
  • What are the biggest traps for people that you’ve seen?

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