Business food trends

Business Food

There’s been a lot of new food trends this year, some of which include deconstructed lattes, charcoal burger buns and, one of our guest’s creation, blue algae lattes!

But, it can be tough to cut through the noise and establish which items are actually quality. Conrad Cheng joins me from the Matcha Mylk Bar in Melbourne to tell us more about this and the media madness which surrounded the release of their special latte.

Kale, Quinoa, activated almonds and kimchi are just a few of the food trends to go bananas in 2016. ‘Clean eating’ has become the latest buzz phrase when it comes to food. But, what does this term actually mean and, are these popular items, as good for you as we’re lead to believe? Health & lifestyle educator, Anthia Koullouros, joins me to discuss how to cut through the noise when it comes to food fads and trends

Well at first there were Cronuts and now we have syringe-filled donuts! But I bet you wouldn’t believe the food entrepreneur to come up with these tasty delights is a 15 year-old business owner – who personally makes more than 1000 donuts each weekend. Morgan Hipworth joins me to share his secrets on how he became a food ‘trendsetter’ while still in high school.

AND Robert Veel our regular travel guru joins me to discuss the best travel food destinations!

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