Category: Workplace Culture


Our future leaders are right under our noses

Heidi is joined by Anneli Blundell, a self-proclaimed People Whisperer who recently co-authored ‘Developing Direct Reports’, a book that examines why businesses need to stop hiring leaders from outside and instead nurture those from within.


Steve Price talks about Values

Steve Price has had a very successful career within the empire that is the media (print, TV and especially radio) – not just as on-air talent but also in management functions. Starting as a copy boy for Rupert Murdoch’s original tabloid the Adelaide News, Steve shares his insights into the workplaces that have had had the greatest impact on his success and why.


Creating Environments that Encourage Success

Kieran Flanagan from The Impossible Institute discusses how an organisation’s culture directly impacts performance and engagement. Kieran also explains why she believes thinking Selfish, Scared & Stupid is good advice to those of us in business.