Forget penny pinching, here are some ‘hipster-inspired’ tips to save!


We all know, at least, one vegan-eating hipster who showers infrequently (because apparently showering too much is bad) and shops exclusively at op shops.

But there might be more to this stereotype than Ned Kelly beards, fixie bikes and soy lattes – because when it comes to penny pinching this subculture is by-far the best.

Here are some ‘hipster’-inspired tips to help you spend less and save more!

Reuse and recycle EVERYTHING

The best takeaway from hipster-mania is to reuse and recycle everything. You don’t need to buy new in order to get quality.

Instead, why not consider repurposing items like coffee jars as vases, milk crates as stools or pallets for a bed frame.

Food wise you can reuse and recycle too. Instead of throwing out old fruit, like bananas, why not turn them into a cake or bread.

Your old food scraps can be reused too. Worms eat up to 1kg of food scraps a day, so why not get a worm farm and use the castings for your vegie plot.

When people move, or buy new furniture, they often dispose of their belongings on the sidewalk. Look out for hard rubbish as you may spot some gems that could be repurposed or fixed-up for your home – and the best part, it’s free.

Ride don’t drive

We all know biking is good for your health, and the environment, but could it actually be good for your wallet too?

The average Australian spends $8,000 each year on transport, $2,500 of which is for fuel. According to Cycle to Work, by riding instead of driving you could save $50 a week in fuel, parking and vehicle maintenance.

Public transport has also become increasingly expensive; with the annual cost of a two zone return fare at almost $2,000 for a daily commute.

Not only this, but the average peak-hour commute of 10km is often much faster by bike than any other forms of transport – as you miss most of the traffic!

Make your own brew

If you like to indulge in the occasional glass of wine or beer, you could be spending a great deal of money each year.

According to an Australian-first study on alcohol expenditure, Aussies spend up to $32.30 each a week on alcohol, that’s more than education ($30.60) or personal care ($24).

Instead of buying a $12 pint, why not make your own brew? You’ll learn a new skill and save money.

You could make seven six-packs of beer from $35 worth of ingredients with your own brewing kit. Brewing kits vary in price but, in the long run, it will cost you less.

If wine is your drink of choice, you can get kitted out for $140 from Dan Murphy’s. From this you can make 9L, or one case, of wine.

Live in an non-gentrified suburb

Inner city living can be tempting; with bars, cafes and culture at your doorstep. But alas – it’ll cost you.

Take the tram or train 20 minutes out of the city and you could reduce your rental or mortgage payments by a significant amount.

While it is tempting to live in a gentrified suburb like Fitzroy, with its plethora of organic stores and music venues, hipsters are now flocking to culturally diverse suburbs like Footscray for a lower price-tag. Here are a few suburbs swaps you can do, based on the median price for a two bedroom home, in NSW, VIC, QLD and WA to save yourself some cash!



Fitzroy – rent for $595 p/w or $1,000,000 to buy.


Footscray – rent for $400 p/w or $760,000 to buy.



Newtown – rent for $700 p/w or $1,300,000 to buy.


Harris Park – rent for $350 p/w or $490,000 to buy.



New Farm – rent for $495 p/w or $1,000,000 to buy.


Nundah – rent for $373 p/w or $562,500 to buy.



Northbridge – rent for $625 p/w or $925,000 to buy.


Ashfield – rent for $360 p/w or $500k to buy.

Be a market-goer

Markets have almost anything you could hope to buy, whether it’s clothes, food or something for your home. Here’s my handy guide of the best markets in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.


Organic foodies: Ramsgate Foodie Market

This award winning market is spread across three locations in NSW – Ramsgate, Peakhurst and Canterbury and offers a wide range of ready to eat gourmet foods as well as farm fruit and vegetables.

Fashion fanatics: Paddington Markets

For fashion enthusiasts a visit to the Paddington Markets is a must! Expect to fall in love with vintage wares, crafts and jewellery.

Lovers of seafood: Sydney Fish Market

If scallops, squid and calamari are your thing, look no further than the Sydney Fish Market.  It’s one of the largest in the world and has been operating for more than 50 years attracting people from Sydney and all over Australia.


Trash and treasure: The Queen Vic Markets

he Queen Victoria Market has been the heart and soul of Melbourne for more than a century. Expect to find Aussie souvenirs, plants, food and almost anything else you could think of!

To bag a bargain: The Footscray Markets

If you’re looking for food bargains the Footscray Market is the place to go. You’ll find produce ranging from fresh fruit and vegetable to meats, poultry, fish and seafood as well as exotic foods like lotus flowers, pigs’ ears, cassava root and other Asian produce.

For foodies: South Melbourne Market

Music, exotic foods and gourmet goods await at this South Melbourne market. While somewhat smaller than most other markets what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality.


Hippie & homemade: The Eumundi Markets

The Eumundi Markets is one of the biggest artisan markets on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland with a diverse range of art, craft, products, entertainment and local produce.

Vintage scouters: Brunswick St Markets

The Brunswick St Markets is situated in the heart of Fortitude Valley and allows stall holders to sell just about anything secondhand. It’s the perfect spot one-of-a-kind finds!

For those who love to eat!: Eat Street Markets

Set on an old disused container wharf, ‘Eat Street Markets’ is a wonderment of the senses. From aromatic international cuisines and boutique beers, to the enchanting sights and sounds of live performers, Hamilton Wharf plays host to Australia’s most interactive container market experience.


Something for everyone: Canning Vale Markets

Held at Market City every Sunday from 7am to 1pm, this swap meet is a great place to pick up a bargain or two. It’s $1.10 per adult to get in (55c for kids and concession card holders), and a crossing attendant even guides you across a narrow road to the warehouse area where the market takes place.

Live music & au naturel foods: City Farm Artisan Markets

Artisans Market at City Farm Perth features a number of local artists and vendors. You can pick up handmade wood fixtures, ceramics, natural body lotions, paintings, kid’s decorative items, hand-crafted gift cards and much more.

Designer digs: Perth Upmarket

Perth Upmarket is Perth’s best quarterly handcrafted market showcasing over 150 local designers. Located at UWA this market only accepts Perth’s best designers as stall holders.

Now you have all the inside information you need to live like a hipster and, hopefully, save some dollars!

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