It takes a village




When starting out in business – your office is usually your home study – or the spare bedroom. Now if you have to get out and about seeing clients – your office can become various cafes – usually your favourite cafe becomes the one where the bathroom facilities are handy and the onus to continue to eat and drink while occupying a table is reasonably light.

It’s funny when I think about all the grief that large corporates get when they introduce the concept of “hot-desking” – that is, where you just turn up to work and grab the best available desk – and find that you have a different workspace each day. It’s not for everybody. But for many people in micro businesses or start-ups – this is just par for the course – as they go from cafe to cafe meeting people on the run while out and about.

But is there another way? Perhaps there is….  Sean Grobbelaar runs a co-working office space called The Village located in North Sydney.  I love Sean’s title – he is the “Chief Barista Etc.” I’m thinking of adopting this concept and putting “Etc.” into staff job descriptions and business titles here at Money To Love – there is a lot to be said for it!

Visit the Village online

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