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In December 2014, PriceWaterhouseCoopers released a new survey that found only 9 percent of Australian businesses have operations of any sort in Aisa. In addition a staggering 65% of Australian businesses have no intention of changing their stance on Asia in the next 2-3 years. The report identified the significant risk for Australian businesses if they do nothing to life their engagement with Asia.

But there is good news – engaging with Asian markets is now a whole lot easier thanks to an innovative retail platform called Market Engine. Nathan Ruff, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of Market Engine explains how his retail platform enables western brands to connect through an English interface to the world’s biggest e-commerce sites – effectively taking away the pain points of doing business in Asia.

In this interview on Business Success with Heidi Armstrong, Nathan Ruff talks about:

  • The typical pain points that Australian businesses might face when ordinarily selling into China
  • How Market Engine takes away those challenges – so you can manage your expansion into China from your local desk – simply by logging into Market Engine’s interface
  • How does Market Engine plug into sites such as Alibaba and Tmall
  • What are the cultural issues such as haggling that are specific to an Asian market and that Market Engine has had to accommodate
  • When selling anything online you need a customer support centre and Market Engine has staff on the ground in China to handle post-purchase enquiries
  • Market Engine’s income model

For more information visit the Market Engine website

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