It’s logical to assume that if you’re going to start a business you should make a plan. But, according to one of my guests only one in two SME businesses actually have a plan… and, what’s worse, only 3 out of 4 have an exit plan or strategy. David Cambridge, founder of Succession Plus, joins me to tell us more….

If there’s one thing we’re lacking in our big cities, its space. Apartments, houses and backyards are all getting smaller as more people move to the city and space becomes a premium. Well, my second guest may have found the solution for anyone lacking space that wants to grow fresh vegetables in the city. His name is Francisco Caffarena and his business Sprout Stack allows you to grow fresh vegetables using hydroponics in a shipping container.

Well you wouldn’t usually expect that a disagreement in a night club would bring about your next latest business idea – but for two young entrepreneurs this was the start of something new and wonderful.

Dominic Bressan and his business partner Stefan Williams decided to let bygones’ be bygones’ and from this came the start-up Air Service – which allows customer to hit the bar without leaving their seats…Dominic joins to show to discuss how this business came about.

AND last but not least our Fiona King is the Senior Brand Manager for Taubmans  joins me to discuss all things DIY……

Listen to the full show below 

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