The Unstoppables Expedition to Antarctica


Unstoppables Founder, Julio De Laffitte talks with Heidi Armstrong on 2GB’s Small Business Success program and explains why he is leading a group of Australian entrepreneurs, investors and mentors on an expedition to Antarctica. Julio also explains why people like Dave Jackson, developer of CarCrowd are the future of entrepreneurial thought in Australia. “You do not have to have decades of business experience to completely change an industry. A simple idea with the right mentoring and investment will turn that industry on its head.  We love Dave’s idea and we have a ship full of the right people who will turn this into reality.”

The Fire On Ice Antarctic Expedition begins in Puntas Arenas, Chile, before embarking for 10 days to the Antarctic.  Each day during the journey there will be workshops taken by top flight facilitators and business leaders, all skewed towards the unique entrepreneurial audience. Julio believes that the Fire on Ice expedition is expected to create at least 20 businesses and $1 billion in business.


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