Unprofessional, disruptive and unmistakably rich!


At just 27 Jack Delosa has amassed a $25m fortune through a fast paced entrepreneurial career starting at the age of 18 and now leading him into his fourth business, Australia’s largest entrepreneurial education institution and a string of successful investments in some of Australia’s fastest growing companies. He talks to Heidi Armstrong about why it’s important to stay true to your heart.

It’s often debated whether you can teach someone to be an entrepreneur or whether it happens by some strange osmosis. Jack Delosa started his first (unsuccessful) business when he was 18 and had to dust himself off a few times before finding the right people who could help him lead the way.

He shares his thoughts about education, disrupting ‘business as usual’ and talks about his new book ‘Unprofessional’.



Visit Jack’s website: The Entourage

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