What is an entrepreneur?


Heidi Armstrong discusses with Steve Price what it is that sets entrepreneurs apart from the day-to-day dreamers. 

These include:

  •  Having the ability to transform ideas into action
  • Being passionate about what you are creating to give you the reason to persist
  • The ability to stand being comfortable living in a fog. Not everything has to be known when you start out. Entrepreneurs are comfortable making decisions with some “gut feel” – not everything is based on 100% empirical data.

The entrepreneur takes action before all the ducks are lined up in a row. They take flight on the one duck – and then line the others up as they go along their journey.
An entrepreneur loves to create something bigger than themselves and start a journey with the end in mind.

Australian businesses with fewer than 20 employees constitute 95.6% of all Australian businesses and employ 47% of the workforce. According to Roy Morgan’s State of the Nation Report (Feb 2014) the fastest growing age group of those starting a business over the last 10 years has been the over 50s, who now account for 45.7% compared to 38.8% in 2002.

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